Services: Data Analytics, Change Management, Innovation and Strategy



Client Challenge:

With disparate systems, data quality issues, and varying business needs across regions, this global firm was struggling with using their own data to understand their customers, products, and markets. Internal resources were spending significant time carrying out manual processes. These issues were leading to cascading problems around planning and executing against the strategic plan.


Approach and Solution:

CRI Solutions Group focused on improving the internal decision-making capabilities to ensure significant and long-lasting value. To reach this end state, CRI Solutions Group:

  • Created a strategic roadmap for improving data-driven decision making

  • Leveraged internal IT resources to create a globally accessible and universally consistent data source for customer and product analysis

  • Increased transparency in customer operations and business logic

  • Automated several manual processes around reporting and planning to foster more in-depth analysis and discovery

  • Developed new reports and analysis tools focused on revamped KPIs and expanded use of historical and 3rd party data

  • Implemented widespread adoption of data visualization tools to improve ad-hoc analysis and reduce recurring effort around distributing reports




CRI Solutions Group’s approach served as a catalyst for the client’s internal finance, operations, and strategic resources to leverage their own skills, data, and time to impact operational efficiency and better guide the direction and execution of the firm. CRI Solutions Group’s efforts:

  • Removed more than 60 hours per month in labor intense month-end processes

  • Facilitated the adoption of customer level margin analysis into every sales region globally

  • Enabled customer and product level forecasting and budgeting by gross margin

  • Expanded real-time expense reporting to more than 100 cost center owners





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