Services: IT Cyber Security, IT Audit and Compliance, IT Transformation, IT Policies and Procedures



Client Challenge:

This company was rapidly growing, and as a result, the back-office IT operations lagged behind. They lacked a cohesive IT strategy which incorporated cyber security compliance procedures for customer data. In addition, the company was audited by larger clients as part of the overall vendor review and had major deficiencies in the IT governance, compliance and security areas. The company’s IT strategy was in need of an update to reflect the new operating model and to support continuous growth. 



Approach and Solution:

CRI Solutions Group partnered with the IT leadership team to perform an internal assessment of policies, procedures, and the existing IT strategy. The team rallied to accomplish the following key objectives:

  • Develop new operating policies and procedures

  • Implement multi-factor authentication protocols

  • Implement Control Objectives for Information Technology (COBIT) framework for governance and process controls

  • Revamp IT contracts with major vendors

  • Update disaster recovery and business continuity procedures

  • Improve security awareness training

  • Develop IT strategy roadmap for future implementation




The company revamped all of its internal IT operations and policies. All outstanding audit issues were resolved to complete external regulatory satisfaction. They developed a new IT strategy and entered into long term contracts with outsourced services providers, reducing the overall cost of IT. They enhanced security procedures to better protect customers data, and also transformed the IT operating model to better align services provided by IT to the operations.


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